I have a crush on my teacher

I want her. but shes a teacher and im a student. in addition to that im only 12 but shes only 23 and has a nice ass. ima just whip out my d*** when im alone with her and ass her to suck it

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  • You're probably the same kid who wrote the other post I just read where the kid was f****** his teacher. This is probably more like what's going on. You want her and she's a professional. You do that, whip your d*** out right there in class and see how fast your ass gets kicked out of school. Dumb as f****** kids these days don't have a clue.

  • F off

  • Oh yeah that’ll work. Ha ha

  • When I was in 4th grade I used to pull out my d*** in class and play with it. I sat in the back row so it wasn't like anyone could see what I was doing. So one day we were told to read quietly, and instead, I pulled out my d*** and started playing with it. I didn't see the teacher walk up behind me. Now in those day a teacher could whip a child's ass and the parents would back them. So she reached down and grabbed my d*** pinching the s*** out of it. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Put this damn thing away before I pinch it off." Then she released me and I quickly stuffed it back in my pants. I never pulled out my d*** in class again.

  • I would off kept you after class and f***** you..

  • 12 and you've reached puberty?

  • Well i am 11 and getting hair

  • Get a detention, slip something in her drink when she passed out then have s** with her

  • I want to suck it for you

  • 4th grade suck mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Ha ha you are funny

  • Who doesn't

  • My friend took an upskirt picture of our math teacher and showed me, She was commando, Probably about 45 or so, She has kids older than us.

  • I play with my willy in class sometimes and just don't get caught. ñnnk

  • Yeah you're not 12 at all,but a very immature adult.

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