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You are beautiful, just the way you are.



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  • Mate,I've just woken up with a bare hangover,have morning wood and have just been sick.
    Right now I am far from beautiful

  • Did I stutter?

  • What do you mean ,did you stutter??
    I find it a very odd response to me saying how I was hungover with an erection,and after being sick,not looking beautiful.

  • I understand, but seeing as my goal was to spread some kindness, because God know this world needs this, it would be against my interests to exclude your situation from this post. I hope your day is going okay!

  • Look, if you want to spread sunshine and unicorn farts, have at it. God knows this sick mistake of a world could use it. Just engage your brain once in a while. Nobody pays attention to chirpy idiots who aren't paying attention to reality.

  • Thank you for your input! It's appreciated, and yes, I know what your saying and I agree. But I also find that when you seriously talk about trying to be less negative, you are also ignored, this coming from life experiences. I am simply doing this with the hope that someone who's having a bad day might see it and not immediately think, 'that's stupid.' Once again, I'm glad you have taken the time to give me some constructive criticism and I promise I'll look I to making my posts more appealing. Love you lots and I hope you're doing well today!

  • Looks like you gave up your little crusade pretty quickly. Did you finally learn that there are some people you just can't reach? Be glad, because you have avoided burning out. I used to be like you and am now meaner than half the defectives on this site because I let myself get used up, trying to spread positivity. Face it darling, if you want to save THIS world, you are going to have to watch at least half of it burn away.

  • Make room for those of us happily waving flamethrowers. These fuckwits have had their chance.

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