If it involves a naked spanking over a clothed woman's lap or bent over the couch arm so much better. But my real dream is having one of my girlfriend's friends observe, or even participate. My girlfriend partner likes to have me naked while she is dressed. She likes spanking me naked over her lap or the edge of the bed. It has taken a long time to get to this point. Former partners and my X wife weren't inclined. I'm afraid to bring up this fantasy about being exposed and spanked in front of one of my GF's friends or even a stranger with her because I think she will get jealous that I want to involve another woman.
We came close this Summer (well, Winter because we were away in a warm climate) when one of my GF's beach walk friends almost caught us. My girlfriend was dressed in her bathing suit and I was naked in her arms when she started spanking me...pretty hard. She was softly scolding me while she spanked me. We hear a loud, "good morning" at the screen door. It was her friend who would usually meet her at the water's edge in front of our cottage.
But this day I suspect she saw what was going on and decided to surprise us. I have no idea how long she was there before she said anything. Just a few days before my GF and this friend were talking about some hunk of a guy further down the beach who my girlfriend had seen nude sunbathing up on his porch. Her friend said, OMG "It has been so long since I've seen a naked man..." This had set my imagination reeling. Every morning since I had been lingering around in the mornings in a loose and open beach shirt and nothing else hoping she would come by. And of course imagining my GF inviting her in to watch me get a spanking. So this day when she did see something I... well, Ive been thinking about it obsessively since. We were so close...or I was so close to that happening. But I didn't open the subject with my girlfriend. Now I'll have to wait till next year to hopefully have another opportunity. Her friend lives there yr round. Maybe I'll tell my girlfriend this story and it will appeal to her imagination. What do you think? Any other suggestions about how to open this subject with her?

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  • The arrangement I had with my girlfriend was a fantasy swap. We sat and told each other something we wanted. Is there something you think she wants but hasn't asked you? That might work, and perhaps in exchange for helping her with something, she might agree to let her friend watch you get spanked.

    I wonder what might have happened if you got all embarrassed and said "knowing you were at the door listening and watching made me feel even more like a naughty boy", possibly telling your gf that it enhanced the experience.

    You are a lucky fellow, btw.

  • Thanks. I like your idea

  • U should leave your pc on a conman page see what she says

  • Conman :-) I’m thinking that’s a spellcheck correction for cfnm. Every time I type it I get funny corrections... but I’ve thought about your idea

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