Is it just me?

I don't know about any of you lot, but do you ever see a woman first thing in the morning,be it driving to work or in a shop/petrol station, and wonder how everything is down there?

Like, what kind of knickers she's wearing,or most importantly for my imagination, whether she has showered that morning before leaving,or is her pu$$y still hot and creamy and damp from sleeping all night?

I imagine some women,all dressed in their smart clothes,if i could freeze time and have a look, being all hot and sticky and have a good smell to them, as you can tell by their hair you if they've had time for a shower!

If they've got very dry hair,and dressed for work,and its 6:15am,then you know they're nice and smelly!

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  • Yes, I used to do morning traffic control which was near a school. Lots of hot milfs with wet hair, shower fresh perfect make up. Just knowing they were naked soaped up and shaving , and slipping into fresh panties not more than 20-30 minutes earlier.

  • Yes I have often thought this

  • ...said the OP

  • Yes I think this all the time

  • ...said the OP, to make himself appear to not be so alone in the world

  • Said your momma you freaking neckbeard! Leave the poor c*** alone

  • Amen lol!

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