Baby from brother

I'm a 30 year old married woman. My husband looks similar to my younger brother who is 25. I think that's why I married my husband.

My husband care more about hanging with his buddies at the bar than me. And disappears for days at a time. And he has cheated on me a dozen times.

I want to have a child for so long, but my husband has a low sperm count and will not accept a sperm donor or to adopt a child.

We have s** but nothing happened. He uses me like a s** toy and I don't c** with him.

Two months ago I came on to my brother and seduced him. We started having s** regularly and I had him c** in me.

Yesterday I found out I'm pregnant. I'm so happy and so is my brother.

Now I have decided I will divorce my husband. He was selfish and never treated me like a wife.

My brother and I realized we have always been in love.We are happiest when we are together.


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  • Another Trump family

  • This is what happens when you females chase the ring so hard wanting that baby. You wake up with a man-child who you really don't know or like. Females will never stop this non sense.

  • I don't disagree, but be fair. There are plenty of a-holes desperate to fling their inferior seed as far and wide as possible just so they can prove their junk works and they're "manly" or whatever. Males will never stop that nonsense.

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