If u only knew!!!

I've been married to u 15 yrs, & in that 15 yrs we've had s** I can count on one hand how many times u actually made me c**!! I think u totally suck in bed, u c** way to early!!! It should be obvious to u when u want to cuddle after & i push u away & use my toys!!! I've never meet a man that can't keep up, that is until I meet u!! S** every 2 weeks or so is not enuf, so to solve that problem I've had a sexy ass boy toy on the side, that actually knows how to use it!! U really think I dnt knw how u like to get ur ego stroked, y do u think I'm so ruff on u when u want a*** s**!! I told u if u plan to play the game, u better play it better then me!!! Sucka!!!

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  • Wow thats nasty. Your talkin about him like a dog. If its like that then you need to leave. Instead of spreading diseases around between the 3 of you because who the h*** knows what your side guy is doin. Why would you get married to a man that doesn't satisfy you sexually? S** is a huge part of a relationship for you to have never considered not marrying him. Instead of making things better you are making them worse. The way you talk about him is as if you could give a f*** about your husbands feelings. How about being a woman handling your business and trying to figure out whats best for you and him. Your glorifying something that is just disgusting and shameful. H*** if your not happy get out. Your a Bummy ass B****!

  • I will not question your morals but I feel compelled to question your communication skills. For some reason you are particularly abusive of punctuation and vowels (or lack thereof). All that said, I could make you c** like a f****** banshee. I could make your f****** toes curl. Thank you for your time.

  • Really.....u dnt think in 15 yrs I hvnt!! I broke it dwn for him

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