I read confessions on confessionpost.com

My plans fell through one morning so I stayed home and read confessions on this site. Smh. I feel so ashamed, I spent 20 minutes here.

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  • About 75% of the post that have come in lately are coming from the same f****** retarded 15 year old boy who likes to say the dumbest s***. He's trolling to see who will respond.

  • I’m 41 J******

  • 41 in reverse. Making you 14.

  • Going on 15 mentally, r*****

  • There are such vermin gerbil brained males here it's sickening. It is kind of degrading isn't it.

  • Between them and the bitchy stupid little middle school girls, it's refreshing to read any post or comment that was written by an actual adult

  • Adult? No adults on this site only boys with tinny tiny peckers

  • It should be called Incel Post. Nobody does confessions anymore, just weird fantasies caused by never getting laid

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