Going to jail and I didn't deserve it

I was standing outside a bar too drunk to drive waiting for a taxi to take me home. A police car drove up and some guys standing beside me scattered into a wooded area. They had been smoking dope. I had not been smoking dope and I didn't run because I thought I had done nothing wrong. I was intoxicated but with alcohol.

This cop who was tall enough to be a basketball player got out of the car and he looked like a N***. He wore his uniform well and on his hip was a colt python .357 magnum revolver which I wish I had. I knew my goose was cooked.

He ambled over to me and asked if I had been using dope and I truthfully told him no I was just on alcohol waiting for a taxi to take me home. He said you're under arrest because I think you are on illegal drugs.

I didn't argue. There was a gleam in the cops eye I didn't like and I no desire to p*** him off more than he was already.

We got to the jail and he called me a dumbass for pushing on a door your supposed to pull and we went in. They put me in jail and it smelled like an outhouse. The toilet was stuffed full of excrement and p*** and toilet paper

All this for just standing around drunk. It was very late at night but I was able to call my parents who got me out of this shithole.

I went to court and paid a $52.00 fine and that was it.

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  • Well, that sucks.

  • Sometimes....... a cop just need a beating............

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