Tiffany Moss has been sentenced to die

She starved her stepdaughter to death while properly feeding her other children. She also deprived the ten-year-old girl of water and she did so because she apparently enjoyed watching the child suffer.

As the sentence was read her face never changed from boredom. No remorse, no fear just ho-hum boredom.

Only a psychopath can do that.

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  • Or a kinky nympho,I bet she rides like a banshee!!

  • Your average dumbshit just loves the idea of sticking his d*** in crazy. If he finds one deranged enough to let him and the b**** turns on him (as she eventually will), then he starts crying about how "psycho" she is... like this is some big surprise.

    Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you hook up with one of the dumb little girls around here who wants to get raped so badly? You guys can smash and then go your separate ways, each of you whining about how victimized you now are.

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