My wife is too boring.

We have been married for 11 yrs now. I'm the one always taking the initiative to spice up our s** life. She is never interested in doing anything. She is too boring. No excitement in life. And she would least care about it. I don't know what to do? I'm just tired of boredom.

Sep 19, 2018

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  • My very spoiled ex got to just laying there. Then it got down to no nudity what so ever. Then it got to a sexless marriage thus how the spoiled one because an ex. 17 yrs of kissing the spawn of satin's a***.
    I remarried and it was worked out before I would say "I do". She would never deny me when ever I wanted it. We live without clothes and have amazing time in bed. 21 yrs has flown by

  • Welcome to the real side of marriage.. sorry mate.. 18 years in and I'm about to pack it in

  • F*** some one else right infront of her

  • I could not agree more.. lol

  • Yes. In fact, do one of her friends.

  • Great idea, she will shattered on seeing one of her friends riding your dickk and she will realize what you want exactly. I hope she would perform like a p*** star. F*** her and f*** her real hard. She owes you. No mercy please..

  • I love this attitude. This is absolutely what he should do! And yes....."MERCILESS"!!!!!

  • And women wonder why guys cheat.

  • It's time for an affair. Maybe more than one. Get moving.

  • My wife just ditched me.
    S** was super boring. She would lie down legs apart and I would f*** her whenever I wanted. I just had to ask. But no tongue kissing. No touching b**** or between legs. And get this no talking. If I made any noise she'd say shh be quiet you'll wake the kids.
    So a silent boring f*** with no foreplay.

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