I miss girls....

I have been with my fiance for several years, but dammit I miss having s** with a girl! He says a 3 some would just be a license to cheat, but it is really gettin to me lately.

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  • what does it matter about the posters sexuality?!?!?!
    obviously, you guys arguing over wheather is a guy or girl isnt going to help. duh!

    i think you should reconsider being with him if you feel this way. mabey if you dont want to be faithful, you shud wait to get married until you do.

  • Why do you Homos always have gay s** on your minds?

  • Its a gay couple you idiots!!!

  • just becuz somes1 fiance is a guy does not make them a girl, it could be a guy missing girls when he was experimenting and is now gay with a gay fiance, dumb ass

  • WOW


  • ^ Read the original post again dumbass!

    Her fiance is a guy - that makes her a girl.
    She wants to have s** with other girls again.
    He doesn't want to have s** with two women.

    Is that clear enough for you, you f****** idiot?

  • Wait.... your guy DOESN'T want to have s** with two women at the same time?

    Dump his sorry ass and go find someone fun!

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