Crazy awesome story

When i was 17 i got high with 2 girls and a guy at my apartment... yes i had my own place at 17... now my place kinda turned into a drug hole 4 awhile so were gettin high an it seem myself lex aka alexis were a little tired an were goin 2 bed now my retarded friend ed doesnt take the hint an says yea man lets go 2 bed every piled into my room cuz i had 2 kingsized beds pushed 2gether so im lyin there really f***** p***** off all of a sudden my buddy pokes his f***** head up an says foursome? well they f***** said yes an next thing i know both b****** r gettin undressed i start f***** lex but then i saw my buddy naked slammin his girl paige an i pussied out i dont know y but i couldnt f*** in front of my homie so i missed out on that s*** didnt even c** jus walked outta the room

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  • fake as f***

  • Too bad you don't spend some time learning how to spell instead of trying to write fiction!

  • must be good living in Fantasy land -Dr. O

  • same its just a story. Dr O will love this.

  • actually its not a story i had my own place kuz facs aka child services was paying 4 it and wen u sell drugs girls clothes seem 2 jus fall off

  • so do there brains.

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