I don't know how to help my son through his depression

I let him know I love him and that I'm there for him. We talk openly about it, and he confides in me. We're close so we have no problem communicating, but I just wish I could do more.

It was initially h****** our relationship. I'm a single mother and he's my only child so it fell on me to do it all. I resented him for a while, and it started to seriously affect me. I feel guilty for those times I got mad at him or hated him. We were both struggling at the time (depression takes hold of everyone near by). I see that now. I wasn't able to see the light through the clouds.

I just wish I could do more. I wish I could fix it. He's nearly 18 but he's still my boy.

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  • I wish you bought goodness and here's a Hugh for you bought.

  • I would suggest do less. Give him the space to do stuff. When he does stuff he will feel better. Just be there to give him a hug when he is feeling down.

  • The best thing is to support each other and get closer to each other emotionally and physically.

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