Age difference

I am dating my husband since I was 13. He was 16 at the time and the age difference was huge. We made out a lot but I didn’t want to have s e x until marriage. One day when I was 14 and spending the summer with my aunt my uncles seduced me and I lost my virginity to him. He was over 40 at the time, that was a real huge age difference. He made me feel wonderful though. He caressed me for hours or so it looked like until I practically begged him. That was the first time I cheated on my boyfriend. We ended up marrying and are still together. The second time I cheated on him I was 52, last summer. My 16 year old nephew walked into my bedroom when I was changing and I let him seduce me. He also made me feel wonders although he was rather quick. He was so hard and strong I even let him come inside. I know he will never forget his aunty as I never forgot my uncle. He in coming this summers again.



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  • Grandpa?

  • When I was 16, I started dating a beautiful girl that I assumed was `15 or 16 from her appearance and hot bod. After I lerned she was 12, I couldn't un-f*** her, so we kept banging at every opportunity until I went in the service. When I came home, she picked me up and we spent a week f****** as much as we could while I awaited orders. That was our last time together, as she moved away.

  • Are you from Arkansas or West Virginia cause them people f*** anyone and anything

  • Incest is very common the world over. Legal, and even encouraged in some countries.

  • So it should be!

  • Similar thing happened with my nephew Ryan who was 15, tall, muscular and so very handsome. I was 40.

    Ryan and I were always super close all his life.

    He came over to swim at my pool, when he walked in on me changing into my bikini. I only had the bottom on.

    He froze, and was staring at my b****. I asked if he liked them, he nodded Yes.

    I walked over to him and guided his mouth to my nipple. He started sucking like a crazy. I felt his c***, which was hard.

    A minute later I had him in me, he only lasted a few minutes then came while inside me.

    I wasn't on the pill, but at that moment didn't care.

    When he was 18, he asked his mother (my sister) if he could move in with me as his college was only a mile away. She agreed.

    It's been 25 years now.

    When I was 44 and he was 19, I got pregnant, and had our son.

    I'm sure my sister has known what going on at least since Ryan was 16. As she said Ryan really love spending so much time with me. I guess he the man in your life as he come to you almost every day after school.

    When our son was born, my sister commented, he's Ryan mimi-me.

  • 14 and begging for c***, just how it should be

  • Settle down little incel, it won't be yours she begs for

  • Try


  • Love a***, eating and f******

  • ^^^^^agree

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