I wanna see my wife get gangfucked and spermed



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  • Sounds fun.

  • Send nudes of her to me

  • I have seen mine in and 8 c*** gang f***, and it was amazng!

  • Would love to hose your ole lady. I too have several buddies who would also like to share in the fun. Your wife would be a new woman when we get down with her. You would see her in a light never before seen. Covered in our collective love juices and all her holes used over and over. My junk is so hard. How about you? Lets make it happen?

  • Where are you my friend. I will come f*** her for you. Tie both you up and f*** her really good and hard. I can bring at least one friend who will love to make your dreams come true. We don't even care what she looks like.

  • I don't she would be up for it if I asked so how do you feel about taking her by force?

  • I'm against real rape. But my late wife was up for mild BDSM. We joined a club where the wives took turns being tied and gang-fakt by 5-6 men. Each wife had a secret Safe Word assigned by her husband. Mine was "Rumplestiltskin". It didn't occur to her that it would be difficult to say when gagged. But it didn't matter. I don't recall any wife using or needing her safe word.
    My point is; there are people and groups that share your Fantasy. Find them and enjoy it safely.

  • Even better. My c*** is so hard thinking about it. Yeah we could take her anyway you desire. If she puts up a fight even better. So yeah we would be up for dat. Anytime your ready. Think about all our hard c**** violating her right in front of you and nothing you can do about it.

  • Will you DP her I want to see her with two inside her, I want you too bang her as hard as you can and don't worry this is a permanent arrangement

  • Awesome lets gang bang the b**** tonight. I'm in!

  • I'll second that notion. I want to be one of the gang. I can also bring some friends to help you see this through.

  • Me too

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing my mature GF (ex wife) getting the same...guys say she is hot

  • Got a daughter too?


    I am here to help you

  • I like to humiliate my gf. One way is when I am kissing her, I reach behind and rub her bum and then lift her skirt exposing her knickers

  • And when you do that I crouch down behind her and snuff her dirty knickers from behind!! Devon man here👍

  • Ignore the moron, I fix this for you

  • Said the op.

  • No i need your mom with that disgusting crack from where u came out...i will punch her really hard

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