Growing my big belly

I have let my self go. I have gained 75 pound in last 9months up to belly is 61onches. I am not done. My wife tells me to embrace my fattiness. She is fat too. She seems to enjoy watching me eat. I want to gain more. I currently eat about 5000 calories per day. I don't know where I'll stop. Definitely going for 350. I love how it feels to eat be full and fat.

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  • I'm jealous of that belly! Mine seems stuck at 58 inches. 60 has been my goal for a while. Good luck with your gaining tubby!

  • You've got to eat far more than 5000 cals per day, the average daily intake for a man is about 8,250.

    Try eating 20,000 calories a day and your dream will be accomplished. Your s3x life will suffer, your wife can wring your heart out of its fat and you both you fatties will live happy ever after (for about a month) at least.

  • And I like to starve my gf. Sometimes she is so hungry she feints.

  • LOL. Where is that moron anyway? Did he wander off to go find a dictionary?

  • Same sad fixation on one thing and one thing only, different basement dwelling r3tard. God, this place gets repetitive.

  • Yup,babied.

  • I will m********* at the news of your coronary heart attack

  • Then you haven't seen your wee wee for quite sometime and now it's sucked into the fat rolls. You must be very proud of your accomplishment.

  • I know you're being sarcastic, but for someone trying to get super fat that is an accomplishment! I am very proud that I'm so fat now I can't see mine without a mirror and, honestly, one of my biggest goals is to gain enough weight that my belly hangs so low it covers it completely.

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