Love my Daddy

When my Queen B**** of the Universe Mother died when I was 12 I was glad.

She made Daddy's and my life a living h***. She was always mad at everyone and a drunk who hated me because my Daddy loved me.

When she died, I made myself the woman of the house. And by 14. I had seduced my Father.

We did everything except regular s**. 5 years ago on my 18 birthday, I gave Daddy my virginity. It was better than I could imagine.

I'm 23 now and we live in San Francisco no one cares what we do. They all assume we are married.

The s** is incredible, it is frequent almost every day. Daddy's c*** is long and thick and he lasts along time. It feels like his c*** was made just for my p****, if completely fills me. And I c** every time.

Every girl should love her Dad this way. No other man will love you as much


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  • (21F) I can fully understand your feelings as I had an affair with my mother's brother and it started when I was thirteen. He was in his fifties and for many years I had been fussed by him as a young girl, he spoiled me with gifts, babysat me when my mum went out and we would watch TV cuddled up on the settee together and I felt it was quite normal for him to stroke my hair and body while we sat there.

    Then I changed, I was thirteen, I had confusing feelings about sexual things and he was always there for me. When I felt tearful or unhappy he would cuddle me and his cuddles became more intense and his kisses even ventured to my lips and I was developing a crush on him, I just know it.

    I started wearing short skirts and leaving my blouse open and I knew he was looking at my developing b******. Then one night when my mum had gone to work, I was in the kitchen washing up when he came up behind me. He moved very close and placed his hands on my b****** gently caressing them, it felt so sexual and I moved back into him, it was then that I felt his erection in his trousers.

    I turned around, he drew me close and we kissed long and passionately, I could feel his hardness against my v*****, I wanted him. We went into the lounge, he took his trousers and pants off and I pulled my panties off, we lay on the settee and I felt his erection go into my v***** and he e********* almost immediately, his desire and pent up longing suddenly released.

    We lay there kissing, he remained hard, I loved the feeling of him inside me, after a while he started to push into me again and for much longer we had wonderful sexual intercourse and have been doing it until I moved away.

  • It sound like you have a great relationship with your dad. A great way to lose your virginity.

  • I want this for me and my step daughter how can you help please?

  • How old is your step daughter?

  • 16 can you help?

  • Too old for me

  • Who cares I want her lil naked p****

  • She's 16 you waste of DNA, it's not naked

  • Good girl just keep it up we need more holes like ya

  • Your dad must be a very happy man.

  • Well i'm calling bs on this one

  • I'm calling bs on your moms discharge

  • Well you taste the same as your mom that's for sure

  • I'll be ur dad to give you some a*** treatment

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