Dose size matter?

I like to ask the ladies if the size matter?

May 23, 2019

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  • My 16-year-old son's is just over 9 inches long, and it's girth is just over 5 inches. It's much bigger than his father's, and it more than satisfies me. I gag if he insists that I take it in my mouth

  • Yea it dose sometimes.

  • Is 9" and medium thick enough for most ladies?

  • Sometimes.

  • Not necessarily the size, it is the techniques that matter!

  • Yes size matters.My wife dated all sorts of guys. She actually admitted she never went back to date a guy with a small c***.
    Guys with big c**** had her coming or calling them for s**. The size of a c*** to a woman is more easily desirable

  • To a certain extent. If your p**** is 12 cm or shorter, you are in trouble, 13 cm is discussable. If you have 14 cm or longer, you're good to go.

  • Long and thin goes deep in but short and thick does the trick

  • Nope

  • I dose after dinner while my wife does the dishes. Then I don't get s**. So dose does matter.

  • Yes It does

  • No, not at all, but being gainfully employed and having a decent bank account does.

  • Ya because men have been the bread winner and taking care of women since forever. But a woman taking care of a man is blasphemy! Now you know how men feel. Lol so much for equality.

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