A different kind of spanking?

I'm a single mother and sometimes my son just won't behave so I have to spank him. But spanking his bottom has become very ineffective recently so finally out of frustration with him bent over my knee I spanked his b**** and he straightened right out! I honestly think with how effective this more moms need to do it! What do you think?



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  • My wife has learned the same thing works on me too. She takes me naked over her knee whenever she thinks I need it. markiee

  • I'd hate for you to get out of practice. Ma'am. I'd be happy to let you work on your technique if you'd like to.

  • Maybe you need practice spanking bottoms. Call me.

  • With some kids it's effective and with some it's not. I disagree with those who say that all spanking is child abuse. Some can be so i hope you don't cross the line and actually hurt him. I was spanked by my mom as a kid and I turned out fine. I did learn to enjoy being spanked but I can still say that my mother's correction taught me to be a better person.

  • It will work even better on your husband

  • How old is he

  • I should cut ur c unt hairs out with a rusty knife you whorish b itch

  • Mommy i would love to fuckk u in ur ass

  • I will take the son

  • You might smash his b**** which will be so painful that he might go in a shock.

    Don't do this.Instead play with his c*** to calm him. Of course,if it's obvious that he doesn't like it,leave him alone.Later,when he is sufficiently old,you may enter a consensuous incest relationship.
    I have known a couple of such moms.
    Why look for a mate outside when you can get him within.If it begins now,He being a minor,just don't anyone know or you will get arrested.

  • NO! Not something to try I would never let my mom even spank me, let alone spank me in that place. Just cook and clean like you should be doing.

  • I spank our kids in diaper position

  • Love pics

  • Good for you....

  • I just spanked my son and he's sobbing

  • Good for you. need more parents like you.

  • How old is he..

  • I think a few slaps to the b**** is fine then make him stand up and slap his c***

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