Tasting myself....

Has anyone tasted their own c** before? Every time I c** with the intention of putting some of it in my mouth I back out at the last minute.

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  • Try licking it out of her p****

  • At 14, i thought I was gay. Because I wanted to try, I came on a dish and them forced myself to lick it clean. I kept doing it until I got use to the taste.

    Then when I was 15 an older guy 25 picked me up at the park. We went in the woods and then put his c*** to my mouth, I sucked it and he came.

    I didn't like the taste, but I still thought I was gay, so I met him every day for 2 years and blew him thinking I like it in time. But I didn't.

    I now know I'm not gay. I just like my own c**.

  • I've swallowed my c** more times than my wife. Either I start with pre-c** and try to lie on my back and aim for my mouth/face or I save it in a glass etc and then get myself all h**** again and swallow it.

  • 7 out of ten I back out! Pre c** is really nice. A lot better than the real thing. I normally lay on my back put my legs over my head and shoot it in.

  • I have many times,but am used to the taste of c**, I have actually bent back so my p**** is over my mouth, it a awesome feeling actually,by the time my mind catches up its down my throat.

  • Not gonna lie I've felt the same multiple times

  • Ewww...

  • My girl likes to put it in my mouth after she blows me. I m gonna like my c** out of her p**** the next time. I did it once to a girls a******.

  • This is good, my ex never swallowed but would spit into my mouth. And sometimes I would lick her p**** or t*** up after c******.

  • Love the taste of my c**

  • I do also,I always knew I was gay,I am finally open about it. As a boy I put things in my but,then I just seduced men.The only female in my life was my mom and lover.

  • Wish I knew you as a boy I would have loved to put something in your butt

  • I tried it,didn't like it,I found the pre c** good,but when I lay on my bed,lifted my legs over my head and aimed my c** so I good shoot in my face, I ended up looking like Neo from the matrix and I didn't like the taste lol

  • Just do it. C** in a shot glass then just drink it.

    I love the taste.

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