You are not an anarchist

Hey morons,

So, I was in a coffeeshop and started listening to this guy and girl talk about how they were gonna throw down the system with their friends.
The guy had dreads (of course) and the girl had dyed neon red hair (again, of course.)
So I'm gonna tell all of you three simple reasons why you need to get it out of your head that you, or anyone like you, will ever create a rebellion.

1. You don't have the b****.

2. You have no access to proper training or weaponry for a sustained fight, and I'm guessing one shot in your direction will send you running back to your Trustfund, screaming how a video game, or a book made you do it.

3. You have no sensible personal philosophy, just whatever belief the professor is trying to tell you, so he/she can f*** you later. I don't blame the professor, some of you are hot, but hot doesn't mean you can make a rebellion.

Now stick to talking philosophy, art, what whoever did in what class, and shut the f*** up about your stupid not happening revolution.

Thank you.

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  • We don't care!!!!

  • ^ I

  • You guys stop picking on poor Dub.
    Im sure he is an attractive man with a god job and a harem of beautiful women waiting on him hand and foot.
    And that he only comes on here to grace us poor, pitiful, average people with his superior wisdom.

    I think I need to post a confession.
    I feel dirty for saying all of that. :(

  • ^Agree, there are peaceful ways of getting things done.

  • I can understand how they would want to rebel, and how they wouldn't have to use weaponry. It would have to be started in some sort of mass message and started by someone famous. Perhaps music. Problem is, it will be restricted to the people who like the genre the music is produced in. All of its aspects will be attacked.
    Even a martyr will be forgotten. Like.. if Curt Cobain went out with a political message there would be some impact in someones life. Except for the other 80 percent of the world does not know him. Bob Marley did a lot in this aspect.

    I remember a movie kind of like this where a kid decided to stop talking because of some peace reason. Then a basket ball player decided to do the same thing and stopped playing even though he could throw 3 pointers with ease. Others did the same. Know what movie I am talking about?

  • ^^^ OP here, notice everyone agrees, but the pathetically sad troll. Look Dub, I'm sure in the world of lonely basement Trekkie fans, you have b**** of steel. The guy 2 above me is right though, you seem to spend a lot of time doing the same thing here, pretty easy for you to rip online, where you don't see the people.

    ***Oh yeah, anyone who reads this opinion, and assumes I'm trying to goad you into anything, I'm not, just expressing my opinion, much like b**** of steel, safe in his parent's basement, Dub here.

  • ^LOL agree!

  • ^Says the dumbass making imaginary girlfriends, and telling everyone what their problems are online. lol find some more pics of girls online, ya coward, and pretend someone really wants you.

  • You know what kills me is the funny part about not having any b****. I guess this guy is talking about himself because he should have said this to the people having the conversation not to us. That would have been having some real b****


  • wow. someone is negative.

  • well put. couldn't agree more.

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