Done wrong.

I'm 22 and just got a new bf. We've been dating for a few weeks now and a couple of nights ago I decided that I'd give him a bj. I've done it before and have been pretty good so far. Although its only been with two guys. Now he's really nice and treats me good but after our date we go back to my place and start to watch a movie. We make out for a bit them I desire that tonight he's earned one. So I unzip his pants and start rubbing him. He takes awhile to get hard but when he does holy cow. So I pull it out to get a better look and its massive. And I start second guessing. But then he grabs my head I builds me down anyways. Now I think I'm doing ok but he starts to get soft a bit. I ask him whys wrong. And he says I'm doing it all wrong. Then he grabs my head and shoves it back in my mouth. Holding my head he starts to push deeper in my mouth and I've never gone deep before so I start to choke and pull away but before I can get it out of my mouth he pulls harder and shoves all of it in my throat. I start to spit and choke on it while I vomit a little. Then he says yeah baby that's how you suck it. Ramming my throat deep and hard. I can barely breath. Spit dripping all over my face now he pulls out and jerks it off on my face. I was in utter shock what just happened. I didnt even know what to say. I've never been treated so roughly in my entire life. I want to talk to my friends about it but I'm worried what they'll think and what my face will say if they ask if I liked it. Cuz I kinda did.

Jun 4, 2019

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  • Might sound stupid but go read some hentai manga or study some p*** to learn how to do it better it can really help out with all sorts of small techniques and it can give you a better idea of what both of yall might want.

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