On the road again...

So last night I was searching for some fun and came across this dating site. It was ment for males only ( you know which one. Lol ) and as I was driving down the hwy I got a message from a guy that was close. He said he was on the hwy too and was going to stop off at a rest stop for the night. So I agreed to meet up with him as he said he liked my profile and wanted to hook up. So I get to this stop about 10 mins later and message him. He tells me to drive down this lane way in this park area and park in the corner at the very end. I see another truck there. He messages me and asks if that me. I say yes and he hops out. Until now I've only seen his junk. He's not that good looking but can't turn down a 11 incher. I follow him into the forest, where he unzipped his pants and pulls it out right away. I told him I've only done this a few times but he doesn't seem to care. I get on my knees and start to lick it up and down sucking on his b****. He's hard instantly so I slide the head into my mouth as he moans for me. I Zant take much without gagging, but he doesn't seem to be enjoying it that much, so I deosde to go deeper and try my best. But still he's not enjoying it that much. I pull out and look up at him and tell him if he wants he can do whatever he needs to do to ebjoy it better, and with a smerk on his face he say ok. I out it back in my mouth and he grabs my head right away. He starts to trust deeper and harder. Spit dripping out my mouth I start to choke hard. He doesn't care and makes me take more. Soon I find my self puking all over his c***, and still he doesn't stop. Feeling his big b**** slpping my chin now I can help but choke and gag on it. I keep letting him thrust deeper and harder spit dripping all over my face as my eyes continue to water. He now grabs my head with both hands and goes harder and fast. I can start to taste him down my throat. I began to pull away as I've never swallowed before, but he pulls me back down thrusting with ever shot down my throat making my swallow every drop. Then pulls out as he rubs the head all over my wet face and lips. Then shoves it back in my mouth one last time as he makes me suck the rest off. He rubs his big meat all over my face to clean the rest off, pulls up his pants and doesn't say a word as he leaves hoping in his truck and driving off. Leaving me there covered in spit, puke and cume. Best night ever!

Jul 2, 2020

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  • I love to get throat f***** by anonymous men.

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