Oh snap.

I got trashed last night and woke up this morning in bed with my wife's younger sister, My wife is 38 and her sister is 28, I woke up spooning her and cupping her t**, I don't remember going to bed but apparently my wife had basically sent me to bed with her sister.
What a s*** show, We got wasted and my wife's sister had some edibles she had acquired but I don't think they were on the up and up, My wife apparently remembers us going to bed and her sister does as well, From what my wife says everyone thought it was a good idea at the time but now, In the light of morning after the fog has cleared maybe not such a great idea.
As I said I don't remember going to bed but my wife and her sister say they remember it clearly, Must be because I was mixing some stuff maybe, I don't know, I was apparently bugging my wife to go to bed for you know what and her sister told her she should, My wife told her sister that she was not interested but she could if she wanted.
Her sister took her up on it and my wife says she finally fell asleep after a long time of listening to us, Her sister says we had a marathon session before passing out. My wife is P***** to say the least, Her sister is embarrassed and it all seems to come back to the fact that my wife's sister is not on the pill and now they are both scared since we already have two kids. I am just completely confused, My wife went for a shower and I asked her sister if I finished inside, She thought for a second and told me I did the second time so that may be a problem because my wife and I have never had an issue getting pregnant, More like an issue with not getting pregnant.

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