I hope I never see you again

So I am out at the clubs last night and thought my room mate would be gone when I got back, I met a guy, Took him back to my place and when we walked in my room mates boyfriend was sitting on the couch, I was obviously a bit embarrassed and asked why he was there, He said my room mate got called in to work and asked him to stay at our place and wait for her because they were supposed to be leaving to go to her parents in the morning so she had told him just to stay there and she would come home after work and sleep while he drove (It's something like 3 1/2 hours).
Anyway we went to my room and I told him we had to be quiet, We got all hot and heavy and he stripped me down, he started getting a bit kinky, He peeled off my thigh high nylons and used them to tie my hands to my headboard, He peeled off my panties and then started going through my stuff and found some more nylons, He tied one leg to the bed frame on one side then tied the other one to the frame on the other side. I was getting pretty excited and he stood there looking at me, Smiled all cocky and turned around walking out of the room turning the light on and leaving the door open.
I was confused and scared my room mates boyfriend might walk past and then I heard the front door open and close, I was laying there tied up naked and couldn't get free, i was trying to get one of my hands free when I heard my room mates boyfriend say "Oh f***, Sorry" and I looked at my door as he turned his back to me, I screamed "What are you doing, Go away" and he did, I kept trying to get free but couldn't and finally had to call him to come back, He stood in the hallway and said "What?", I said "what do you think, Where the f*** did he go", He said "How the f*** would I know, He just put his shoes on and left", I said "Are you f****** serious?", He said "Yeah, He looked at me and said you needed my help and left".
I started crying and he said "Are you ok?", I screamed "No, I'm not f****** ok", He said "don't f****** scream at me, I didn't leave you like that" so I said "I'm sorry, I am just embarrassed", He said "Do you want me to help you?" and I said "Well...I don't have much f****** choice do I", He walked into the room and stopped staring at me and I just looked away, He came over and tried to untie my hands but couldn't so he went and got a knife and came back, He cut my hands free and my legs were too far apart for me to reach with my other leg being tied to the opposite side so he knelt at the foot of my bed and looked right up staring into my v***** as he cut my feet free.
I hate you whoever you are and you better hope I never see you again.

Jun 6, 2019

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