Older Women

I often find myself fantasizing about older women. At my old job my supervisor was an older gal, we'll call her Sara. She wasn't very conventionally attractive, around 35-40, but I used to fantasize about her naked body regularly. It stepped up a bit at my new job, where this ex-teacher just started working. She's a little over 40, redhead, definitely has that teacher personality. My thoughts about her are much more sexual, I often think about eating her out until her legs are weak, then finishing off insider of her after I explore her body with my tongue.

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  • S** with mature/older women is the best for me. I'm 28 and got friendly with this single mid-40s woman with ample pair of b**** and thick-lipped p****. She loves being sucked her p**** lips while I stroke on her c***, the other hand massages her b****. Invariably she reaches o****** - this is our part of foreplay. After that she gives my bj but I stop short of c******. I save it for her p**** that I f*** hard and fast - a call it piston-f***, either from behind or she or riding me!! My hard throbbing c*** gets the sensation of of smooth entry into her wet p**** and she knows how to clasp and squeeze a c*** by her p**** muscles. Great s** we have.

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