My boyfriend got beat up and lost his confidence

My boyfriend and I were ate a party making out. Suddenly, my ex came by, and my bf and my ex had an altercation. My bf is cocky and plays tough, but my ex is taller and has a black belt in karate, and my bf just got dominated.

My bf lost pretty badly and my ex even took his denim jacket from him because he had only a tshirt on. My bf loved that levi's jacket, which made him look even cockier. This was afurther humiliation because now he should go and get it back but he does not dare to. Now my ex has lost his confidence, especially in the bedroom. He says that he is not afraid of my ex, but I have noticed that he avoids him, is less cocky and avoids talking about getting his jacket back.



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  • Your boyfriend is a wimp. He'll end up being a cuck or something like that.

  • Your boyfriend started the fight, so it would have been completely legal for your ex to kill him in self defense.

  • Dumbass

  • You're a dumbass. You can't legally kill someone if your life isn't in danger.

  • That must have been terribly embarassing for your boyfriend. I see that he feels he should have protected you. Did he get his jacket back? This is actually a big issue, because it's like a steady reminder of this event, and either way it's bad for him.

  • There was no reason to fight. You care about someone it shouldn't be mandatory to you for who you're with to fight unless someone is threatening your well being. If someone is bigger or specially trained it's not a fair fight anyway. It's a pretty shallow relationship if a guy feels he has to fight to keep you. If your boyfriend had the fight just to impress you, then he is stupid and deserved an ass kicking.

  • The two men just don't like each other. They never did.

  • So who are you going be with?

  • With my bf at the moment... But I don confess that my ex did turn me on!

  • I bet you turn tricks in the streets at night.

  • That's because you're a w****.

  • F**k o**, ny boyfriend always played it tough, I thought he could at least protect himself...

  • He must be tough if your lizard tongue goes down on him.

  • That's because you're a cheap s***. How would you have felt if your bf's ex girlfriend beat you up in front of him?

  • I think for your boyfriend the loss of his denin jacket is the worst part. It's like a constant reminder that he lost. Even if he gets it back or buy another one, it's like going to remind him always of the fight.

  • I had a very similar experience. I was with my girlfriend and somehow challenged a guy in front of her. It was supposed to be just for fun, but he was probably a black belt in something, and showed her that he was much stronger and for some minutes he just threw me around. At the end my ego was on the ground, and my gf almost evenvlaughed at the fight.

  • He's a wuss, a black belt wont stand up to a black 45

  • You're the wuss for even mentioning hiding behind a gun.

  • I feel for your bf. I got beat up once by my girlfriend's ex. And it is super embarrassing. It's worse than losing to a stranger because you know there is history between the two. And then there's always the thought of you knowing that she knows her ex can beat you up. You always wonder how she feels about that.

  • True I had a verysimilar experience unforunately!

  • Let’s be honest here. Who’s c*** do you really enjoy the most? You love being dominated, taken over and roughed f***** don’t you?
    Anyone who loses a fight will always feel this way. I see you made no attempt to diffuse the situation knowing how both match up.
    Imagine you getting your ass kicked by his ex. I bet you’d want nothing to do with him for not stepping in. To me, no girl or woman is worth getting yourself in a fight for unless she’s being abused right in front of you.

  • So only date black belts? Your boi shouldn't have started a fight with a black belt

  • I don't think my bf knew that my ex has a black belt. What's more, I think he wanted to imoress me or something

  • Do your lips have stretch marks from all the tricks you've been turning?

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