Happiness as a submissive woman.

As a 42 year old divorced woman, I was always in control of everything, even during s** I had to be in control.

3 months ago my days of control ended.

My ex-brother in law came over to get something from the Garage that was his. I gave him a hard time about him bothering and made him wait before I let him in.

As he was leaving I made a really rude and nasty sexual comment about his wife. He wheeled around and slapped me across the face so hard it knocked me down.

The he grabbed me by the hair and said, "Now b**** you're paying for all the s*** you put everyone through in this family!"

He still held me by the hair and took out his c***, "Suck it" he said.

I refused and he slapped me 4 or 5 more times, it hurt so bad. I did what he wanted.

He basically raped my mouth and dumped his c**. He forced me to swallow. The worst part was I came.

I didn't just c** I squirted and had the most powerful o***** of my life from being completely dominated by him. Then he left me there laying on the floor.

I was crying not because of what he did but from how it made me c**. I had no control and I loved it but was disgusted by it.

3 days passed and I realized I need that again. I called my ex-brother in law, and simply said, " I need you again, I want what you did again". And i hung up.

The next morning at 6am the bell rang, i had finished showering and was in my robe. I opened the door and he slapped me hard I fell down.

His c*** was hard, I was on my knees and in my mouth, he had my hair and brutally raped my mouth and came. My body convulsed in o*****.

The he turned and stopped at the door and said, be here at 7 tonight.

That night he used me completely. He has made me his submissive, and makes me do disgusting things that make me c**. He has me f*** other men and women and I c**.

I have no control, and for the first time in my life feel like a complete woman.

By surrendering everything I have found happiness.


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  • Congratulations, you have just turned the corner. There is true freedom in submission, and it is a wonderful place for a person to be. Your life has changed, don’t ever look back. Serve him and do anything he requires. You will never be happier

  • As long as it turns you on

  • Wish I could have him from time to time. I am in my late 40s, menopausal and I love rough s** with mild physical administration. The follow up s** should be completely abandoned on my part, treated like a s** toy (but not a s***) so that when done, my p**** remains sore, pulpy and throbbing for a couple of days more!!

  • See money doesn't buy happiness. But an o***** will get you every time

  • Yes b**** you are a s** toy to used and abused in each and every manner. I would rape all the 3 holes in you w**** just give me ur f****** contact details

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