Maybe we should have cameras in the warehouse.

I got a call around 9:30 pm last night from a customer looking for a certain item we don't stock a lot of so I was unsure if we had any in the warehouse and being one of our largest accounts I decided to run to the warehouse and check. My wife came with me and as we entered the warehouse we walked toward the back where that item would have been if we had any and began to hear noises, My wife instantly assumed burglars and got her phone out ready to call 911 if it was, We sneaked up to the corner where we would be able to see and I peeked around the corner.
I looked back at my wife and whispered "Not burglars but...", She looked at me and shrugged, I motioned for her to take a look and she peeked around the corner then looked at me with her eyes wide. My business partner and long time friend was with his wife at the picnic table in the back of the warehouse and he was leaning back on the table, Pants around his ankles and his wife was on her knees in front of him, My wife made an EEEEKKK face and then motioned that we should leave, I leaned over and looked over her shoulder and she gave me the "really?" eyes and I just shrugged, She turned back and took another look and then looked at me again.
We never really said too much but both just started watching them, They are an attractive couple so it was definitely worth watching, My wife looked at me and held her hands up about a foot apart motioning that he had a big p**** which he actually does, His wife was sucking and stroking him. We have known each other for close to 20 years and are all in our mid 40's but have never seen each other undressed at all other than bathing suits, My wife whispered in my ear "We really should go", I just shrugged but she turned back to watch some more, He stood her up and pulled her shirt over her head, She is a pretty busty woman and when he took her bra off my wife looked at me, My wife is small chested with pretty empty hangy b**** and I just looked at my wife, Pursed my lips and nodded my head, He pulled her shorts down, She kicked them off and he laid her back on the picnic table.
He lifted her legs up and she is bald down there with what looks like a pretty nice p**** from what I could see from our spot about 12 - 15 feet away. She reached down between her legs and grabbed his shaft pulling him inside her and after about 5 or so minutes of her impressive b**** jiggling and bouncing, she started jerking her hips and moaned "Oh f*** yeah", She had barely finished and he shoved his p**** deep inside her and moaned as well.
At that point my wife took me by the hand and led me to the door of the warehouse where we had entered, I stopped, Opened the door quietly and then looked at my wife, I leaned in and whispered "I still need to check the stock", Before she could answer I slammed the door loudly and said out loud "Yeah, They should be on the shelves in the back. We started heading that way and my business partner came around the corner ahead of us, We looked at each other and he was still out of breath, He said "Hey...What are you doing here?", I explained and asked him the same, He made up some excuse about checking on something and when we walked around the corner his wife was sitting on the picnic table red faced and looking a bit flustered as she fixed her pony tail.
I checked the stock and we all said our goodnights heading off in separate directions, We got in the car and both burst out laughing as we drove away, My wife said "Well...Interesting evening", I agreed and she said "apparently she didn't have time to put her bra on", I chuckled and said "Yeah, Hard not to notice". We got home and both rushed in the house, We checked the kids and set the alarm then had a quick but fun romp and neither of us lasted long before we laid there, Giggled, Kissed and went to sleep.

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  • It happens. After I was married my husband used to come home for quickies for lunch. Often times, when he'd have to work overtime on weekends, I'd come with him to spend time with him. Since he had keys and the place to himself, I'd let him get me topless or more until we left as encouragement for him to hurry up. Once in a while we couldn't wait to get home when he finished so we'd mess around right there. Usually, s** was in the more comfortable office areas. Over time I didn't just flash and streak at his machines. I found I liked streaking around his work.

    A few years later the company moved locations. When my husband came home after seeing the new locations for the first time, he told me that the owner said since there are loads of cameras in the new site, no more s** with his nudist wife at work. I was shocked, embarrassed and aroused. Part of me was glad when he changed jobs. Part wasn't

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