That's not good.

My sister and her husband were out of town with their kids last night and I needed a box of stuff I had stored in their attic, I texted her and told her I was gonna go grab it and she said to go ahead, I know that they have an alarm so I always tell them when I am going over there just incase I ever set it off by accident or something.
I went to the attic and found my box, Took it to the living room and decided to just take what I needed and put it back since I don't have a lot of room at my place and then while I was going through it I decided to watch some tv on their massive tv in the living room, I told my sister I was gonna hang out for a bit and she said it was fine and just to set the alarm when I leave.
I watched some tv, Ate their snacks and hung out for a bit then texted my sister and asked if I could borrow a dress from her, She said sure and told me she had some new ones I hadn't seen yet. I spent a couple hours just trying on her clothes since she has some really expensive stuff and we are similar in size so lots of it fits me, I noticed a box on the top shelf and it caught my attention because it is a wooden box with a real nice design hand painted on it, I pulled it down and it had a lock on the front but was unlocked, as soon as I opened it I realized I had stumbled across her "Toy box" and there was some pretty...unexpected stuff in there, Some fuzzy handcuffs, Some nipple clamps, 4 different vibrators, Lube and some other stuff, As I looked through it there was a folder of pictures and I couldn't just not look so I opened it and WHOA!!!!
there was about 30 pictures in there from before they were married right up to some pretty recent ones (I can tell by her hair) and some were...definitely not meant for me to see, There were pictures of her naked, Pictures of him almost naked (He looked pretty good back in the day) and then a few pictures of her with her life long best friend Nat from about 10 years ago I would say. I had no idea they ever were into that stuff but...Apparently her and Nat used to be REAL close and then the last picture made me stop and stare.
Nat was on her knees with my sisters husbands...In her hand, Mouth open about to suck it, the picture is from above and HOLY CRAP!!!! He is thick, Not super long but still pretty long but the width of it made me stop and stare, I've been with 5 guys and had longer but never that thick, Big purple head on it and it's a 2 hander, Nat had both hands around it and the k*** still stuck out but it is thick, Like wow. I looked in the envelope and there was a flash drive in there, I thought for a second...Literally a second before deciding to check it out.
I looked around but they don't have a laptop so after thinking for a minute I thought maybe the tv, I checked but there was only a usb for service so I checked the tv in their room and it had one, I plugged it in, Tried to figure out how to work the tv and finally figured it out. 10 videos, Like holy f*** you guys, First two were my sister and her husband, Crappy quality and honestly couldn't see much, another one was my sister and Nat and obviously him recording with lots of close ups so that got fast forwarded then the good stuff, A video of my sisters husband walking up to the bed and she hands him the camera, He tapes her pulling his package out and getting him hard then he puts the camera on the nightstand and kneels over her chest while she gives him head, So close, The camera is like arms length away and he is huge, So thick I don't know how she did it so well and then he pulls back, She opens her mouth and he shoots a huge load right in her mouth.
Not one person can tell me that you wouldn't have gotten hot watching that, Oh man, Wow, I thought for a second about taking it home to watch the rest but couldn't think of an excuse to come back before the next morning when they would be home which now that my head is clear should have been easy but I grabbed a big bath towel, flipped their covers back, Laid it out on their bed and stripped down jumping up on the towel. There was two more videos with lots of various stuff but lots of shots of his c*** and his finishes which really get me going.
I didn't even make it to the last 2 videos before having an earth shattering, Ground breaking, Mind blowing o***** in my sisters bed, On my sisters bath towel watching my sister and her husband f***, So weird but I couldn't help myself. I left the tv on as I laid there just enjoying being post coital and the next video probably would have thrown me off a bit, It was full on with my sister, Nat and my sisters husband, I bot too much for my taste but whatever, The next one I am not quite sure how I feel about.
It's from last year when we were all boating, We were pulled up to the beach and I was playing on the beach with the kids, The video is the two of them sitting on the boat, He pulls her top out and peeks at her nipples then you can hear him clear his throat and say "Well...Will you look at that", My sister says "What?" and then she says "Oh, Haha" then he turns the camera to the beach and zooms in, I am on my hands and knees building a sand castle with the kids and my bikini bottoms are riding up...A lot and there is one cheek pretty much fully exposed, My sister says "Hey, Quit that" and he says "Holy s***, she has a nice ass", Then I turn and you can see my b**** hanging down and actually they look really big and he says "Oh s***, My sister whispers "You like those?", He says "F*** they are nice", I am moving around and one nipple slips out, I obviously didn't notice but he says "Oh s***, Look", My sister says "Oh" and clears her throat and he says "Don't", i assume she was going to call out to me and tell me but as I move around it was fully out, Half my b*** and one full nipple, I sit up on my knees and adjust my top and he put the phone down but didn't stop recording.
I can hear my sister saying "You like that hey...I can tell...You don't get that hard when you see my b****", They talk dirty a little and then my sister says "would you f*** her?" and he chuckles and says "I would pound her", My sister says "Hmmm, Would you f*** her t***?", He says "I would suck em, f*** em, Flip her over and spread that ass, Give her a lickin and f*** her then make her swallow my load". My sister giggles and says "You're such a dirty old man, Think you could keep up with a 20 year old?" (He is 10 years older than my sister who is 5 years older than me but he doesn't look it) He laughs and says "Want me to show you?", She says "Yeah right, Not with my sister but maybe...What about Jessie?" who is my sisters coworker and then the video stops.
Little bit disturbing that they talk about me and still have the video but...

Jun 7, 2019

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