The nature of my attraction

I been seeing this Nigerian dude who is a real s*****, he is really into and gets off on my dehumanization and degradation. Mostly i just do his laundry, clean, cook, stuff like that and he jokes about his little white b****, he's a bit taller and has a lot of lbs on me. I enjoy all of it tho, he slaps and rough f**** me but nothing horrible or permanent. He's even had another guy over, and made fun of me while the dude f***** me. The new thing is to put me into this puppy getup, muzzle, mitts, tail, collar, the whole deal. I've come mostly enjoy it even if some of it is silly, like making me drink from a bowl on the floor or sleeping with his real dog on the floor. The last time i was over practically forced me into the dog outfit then made me hold his feet up while he reclined. I was hard as h*** because he was so mean and hot, until I felt his dog sniffing my ass. I moved, which was a mistake because he slapped the h*** out of me. I only got another slap when i grunted protest around the muzzle. The worst was that it felt good, and i was already hard, it was truly degrading and he made the most of it. Reaching down he started encouraging the mastiff to lick my hole, and laughed as my c*** drip c**. Finally he pushed the dog away and f***** me good. I'm want to go back but I think he might have his dog f*** me

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