please help me out.
so i was going with this guy a while back...lets call him oden.we broke up..but we were always still talking..he treated me like crap. he would curse at me..and make me feel like i was the one who was doing something wrong...he did this for a year..but i wasn't able to let him go until this year until i started liking someone else a bit...lets call him victor. but then one of my really good friends liked victor..even though she knew victor didnt like her at all..cause victor liked me.....but i didnt know me and oden were done...and i wasnt talking to him. but then when my friend found out i liked victor..she stopped talking to me..and then oden was really mean to me all over again...but only because i finally let him go..and then me and victor started hanging out a lot...and we told each other we liked each friend is still mad at me...and curses me out whenever im even next to her...her and oden are making my life helll...and victor is someone who treats me really well..and i need help me through this.....we thought about going out..but i dont know what new drama that would create...
pleasee. tell me...what should i do..and what do u think about the situation..whos wrong?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Seriously..
    If your friend freaked out that badly over this whole thing..she isn't even worth your time.
    Also, what it sounds like is that Oden deserves to get his ass kicked.
    If things are going so well between you and Victor..Go for it.
    To h*** what everyone else says, and what drama it will cause.
    After everything you've been through, you deserve some happiness.

  • i think you and victor should date end of story don't let what others say get to you and ruin something special

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