Joy rides in Roommates 2005 Acura RSX type S

I Moved a roommate into my home to help me with the bills. He is a young black male in his late 20's. I am a white female in my early 40s and all my life I have been one that loves driving fast sport cars and I love a manual box to shift gears. Well for the last couple years I have driven an older jeep cherokee
that is on its last leg. So my roommate tossed me his keys a couple months back and told me to take his car for a spin up to the store I was going to. I gladly grabbed his car keys and I ran out to his 2005 Acura RSX type S i love its 6 speed manual transmission. Once I got it out of the neighborhood I immediately gunned the engine. I held my foot flat on the accelerator pedal and pushed that car's engine to the red-line. I found a spot where I did several solo quarter mile runs. I had so much fun racing that car around. I revved the engine hard and did lots of burnouts. I returned the Acura to the house and told my roommate I really loved the car. He offered me his second set of keys and to use his car anytime.
Whenever he was out of town or going to be gone for a whole day I would jump in his car and drive it like I stole it. Whenever I would take his car out I would drive it like I stole it. I would push it to the limit, I enjoyed slinging that little sports car into the turns and I loved the way the pedals felt under my barefeet as I pinned the gas pedal to the floor mat. Today I made a horrible mistake while driving his car. I was at the redline and was trying to shift into 4th gear but I put it in 2nd gear and sounded like the engine almost came off. I tried to push the clutch in really quick but the thing is my foot slipped off the clutch and that poor engine was wide open over revving. I lost all power and had to pull over. The car is now very hard to start up. I have to pump the gas pedal really fast to finally get the engine to start up. I can not take my foot off the gas pedal when it does start up because it wants to stall. Also when I floor it from a dead stop the initial acceleration is strange but once the rpm's build up the car seems just as quick as it was prior to this mechanical do to drivers error. I barely made it home the car was just getting worse every minute I continued to drive it at one point. I put his car back to where it was on his side of the driveway. I am not going to tell him that I ruined his Cars engine. I could not sleep so I went out to his car sat in the drivers seat got it started and i just sat there and revved his engine as hard as I could for about 10 minutes. I love how that gas pedal feels under my bare soles on my foot and I love how that engine sounds and feels as it is revved up.

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  • What was your roommates reaction after he found out his car's engine was ruined?

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