I secretly get aroused when people drive my car fast rev it hard

When I was in High school I ended up getting a really awesome brand new Camaro. It was a powerful car with a strong V8 engine and would peel out with little effort on the gas pedal. I regret that I never let any of my classmates, friends or anyone drive it. I wish I would have let them test drive it rev it up and do a couple burnouts. It would have been awesome if they could have felt that gas pedal for themselves. A car is cool and fun but its useless to talk about it if that other person can not get a feeling of the car for himself. Just to feel the power. The car got stolen and I never saw it again. My friends did not under stand the magnitude of my pain. I was really depressed for a long time about it. A few months later a classmate with a older Honda Civic hatchback that was halfway tuned but slow as h*** got stolen and everyone seemed to make a big deal about it. They were going on and on about his s*** box car being stolen like it was some big deal. They would mention the time he let them take it for a joy ride or race it. They would go on and on about their own experience with the car almost like it was his own car that got stolen. The worse part was the car turned up and it was completely gutted. The engine was gone his stereo system the wheels even the two front seats. I tired to ignore all the chit chat about his car it annoyed me to be honest. I thought it was a piece of s*** my car was like 100 times faster and brand new and it got stolen and that was a huge loss for me. A couple weeks later I was about to walk home from school because I missed the bus and I could not find a ride home. I heard this really cool sounding engine with a Turbo blow off I turned around and the noob was revving up his car with a big grin on his face. I couldn't believe it he got the car completely fixed up I mean it was done right like a tuner car in the magazines. He asked me if I needed a ride because his girlfriend had soccer practice. I jumped on the ride offer but this kid was like you wanna drive it getting out and telling me to feel the engines power for myself going on about the turbo. I got in he had new race seats new interior and he's like rev it telling me to rev it harder the whole way home he is literally pushing me to drive it harder. Just before getting to my house this little side road I redlined it through each gear holding the pedal on the floorboard it felt good to drive it. When I got to my house and he got into the drivers seat and took off I remember thinking to myself what a lucky guy. I was sitting there thinking about the rush I got when I floored it and how sweet the acceleration was and that turbo. I remember when I had my car he was standing by my door checking it out and I was sitting there revving the engine up and he was steering at my gas pedal as I was revving it up. I started to feel bad that he wanted to feel that gas pedal under his foot. I was a selfish p**** and did not even think about giving him a chance to feel the V8 engine and the power for himself. I got over it but for the last couple weeks of school I was constantly thinking about his car and how awesome that little drive was. It was not until the following year when I started in College that I got another car and I got this freak obsession to let anyone drive my car. Its a thrill to let them get behind the wheel and floor it. The down side about this is my car is already getting used and abused. I do not care I love it when my buddies drive it hard. I tell them to floor it or try to make the tires peel out when you shift it into second gear. I get excited when I sit in the passenger seat and one of my classmates revs up the engine really hard and peels it out and drives it really hard. I'm not gay or nothing I just like the way it feels.
I met a really pretty girl in my Spanish class its an A.M class and we started hanging out. Her name is Mirella she is like half Spanish and half Italian she is so beautiful body curves sexy eyes skin tone natural tan smile long hair everything I love. I let her drive my car and she looks amazing driving it. Every time she took off her sandals or flip flops to drive it barefoot. She has sexy legs usually wears little dresses or shorts. Mirella asked if she could borrow my car for two days. I was glad to hand over my car to her. Just thinking about her driving it and enjoying it excited me. I figured it would earn me some points towards asking her out on a date. I forgot about an appointment I had the next morning I could not get a ride from anyone and she did not answer when I called her. I had to take the city bus kind of sucked but whatever. While on the bus I noticed a car just like mine. I did not think anything of it until the bus ended up right on the right hand side. It was my car and Misty was sitting in the passenger seat and a dark skin dude was driving. She leaned over and rubbed her hand on his lap. She pointed to the left lane and there was another sporty car. It looked like she egged him on to try to race my car. He started revving my engine so hard I could hear it through the bus. I just sat there and watched. I couldn't believe I was watching the girl I had a crush on in my car with another man behind the wheel. I started to feel a little upset because he was revving my car's engine like he owned it. All of a sudden he slammed the accelerator down and peeled out my car so hard and crazy. The bus stopped and I lost view of them. I thought about the whole thing for the rest of the day. I wish I was in the car with them having fun. I would have just rode in the backseat to be honest. She texted me to see when I wanted to get my car back. I told her a lie that I had gone out of town for the week and she can keep the car for a few more days. I meet her tomorrow morning to get my car back. Its kind of weird but I sat there for those extra days and I jerked off thinking about how she borrowed my car and was letting her boyfriend drive it and how he was driving it really hard like he stole it and that they were having a great time. She probably gave him road head and he probably revved my engine as hard as he could because he had his foot on the gas pedal and was in control to do whatever he wanted to.


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  • Deffo an overweight neckbeard fedora wearing dweeb

  • And your car is s***.

  • You are a disgusting cuck. Please die.

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