She revved her car I got a hardon

The other day I got a ride from a friend to go to Mcdonalds and the ATM. In the drive thru her car sounded like it was going to stall. So she put it in neutral and revved her engine. She revved it a couple times and said, her car had been stalling and running like crap. The car in front of us was taking a long time to get there order. She yelled what is the hold up with these people. She was upset because she had to make it back home before her boyfriend got home. Just as she was telling me she had to hurry up her car sounded like it was going to stall again. She pushed down h****** the gas pedal and revved her engine really hard. She squinted her eyes and had this look on her face. She pulls up to the window and we get our food. She tells me not to eat in her car. I looked at her and she just looked so sexy to me at the moment. I could not stop thinking about the look she had on her face when she revved her car really hard. We got to my bank and i got out to use the walk up ATM. I was at the machine and i could here her accelerating her car a little bit. I started thinking about the look on her face when she revved her car hard at the Mcdonalds drive thru and I felt a tingle in my pants. I collected my money and then this happened. It was at the front of her car on the passenger side. I looked right at her and her car did not sound like it was acting right at all. She had that squint eye going on the sexy look as she revved her car's engine to the redline. I got an instant hardon. It felt like time stopped for a moment. Her engine calmed down and it was almost silent. Then a sudden burst of noise Thundered she revved her Mazda again and yelled get in the car I don't have the time. As I opened the door i thought about my very noticeable h****** pushing through my basketball shorts. I tried to get in quick so she wouldn't notice it. She looked at me and said wtf is that? I tried to think of something but my mind went blank. She squinted her eyes the sexy look then she grabbed my crotch and revved her engine really hard. She said this turns you on and she squeezed her hand. The next thing I remember is getting dropped off at my house and I watched Sandy drive off in her Mazda.

Apr 9, 2021

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  • Mazda's give you erections? Them some low automobile fetish standards. I guess if you're into Asians it makes sense.

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