My gf thinks my enemy is “friendly”.

I used to have a friend in college let’s call him bob. Bob was the textbook pig, saying and doing whatever it took to get into a girl’s pants and seem charming doing it. He knew how to hide it in front of certain crowds but a few of us knew. Because of his piggish ways me and him became enemies.

That’s the backstory now here’s where the real story begins. I have a gf, I’ve told her about his nature and why I don’t like him. She ran into him at the library one night because he saw her in the study room. I’m guessing they started conversations and when she told me about it she comes to the conclusion that “ idk why you guys aren’t friends I mean, he’s really nice”. Apparently he’s asked her for her Instagram just in case they wanna “hang out some time”. I’m not trying to come off as paranoid but ask yourself this: Why would your enemy be trying to hang out with your gf?

I can’t tell her who the h*** to hang out with, but why doesn’t she find this s*** fishy? I’m trying not to act irrational but from how she’s said the conversation went, it sounds like the same tactic he uses to pick up girls. I’m trying to be mature and handle this like an adult but right now I really wanna smash his face in.

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  • Explain it to your stupid girl friend, I think she likes the idea of flirting with this j***. You should be ready to walkaway from your bimbo of a girlfriend and pound the fool she is flirting with.

  • Yeah, he totally wants to boink your gf. Sounds like she wouldn't mind.

  • Then do it! Nice guys finish last, even in the adult world.
    You tell your girlfriend asap that he was crude about her and then your mom, so you smacked him, then s**** her brains out, she will be putty mate.

    If you don't then he really will start f ucking her!

  • You are actually jealous of his talent let him drill your girlfriend and you should sit and watch I suggest

  • Your enemy is gonna be b**** deep in your girlfriend soon!!!!!

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