My Mother has an alcohol problem. And it's ruining my life.

This has been going on for a while now, but it's gotten worse the past year. My mother didn't have a very good past, maybe that's why she started drinking but we can't change the past. She has a good loving husband (my step-dad) a three year old son and a daughter (me and I'm 14 years old) Her and my step-dad own two shops and make more than enough money.

These days all she does is sleep in her room and go out on her so called “walks” to buy drink/alcohol. We tried stopping her but there’s no point. Don’t tell me to talk to her because I’ve tried and she doesn’t listen. I’m sure she couldn’t care less how much this is affecting me. She denies buying and drinking it even though it’s obvious that she does it. She steals my dad’s money, she even took some from my purse once. I know I shouldn’t say this but I’m starting to really hate her.

I have no one to talk to. I could tell my friends but what will they think of me? And I don’t want word getting out that my mother is an alcoholic. The other day she told my stepdad that she’s going to one of her old friends house and she started drinking at their house. That person that she went to is the mother of one of my friends and I’m so embarrassed, I hope she doesn’t tell anyone..

I can’t stand being in this house anymore but I also don’t go outside to see my friends because I feel as if I’m going to start crying or something and then they will start asking questions (not they already aren’t) I don’t know what to do…

Jul 18, 2012

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  • Tough love - speak to your step dad cause i'm sure he's feeling it too.
    Drag her to rehab, make her understand she's not only ruining her life

  • let me see,you are still are soooo good and Pretty inside.Get a good Lawyer.If you cannot afford a Good Lawyer.Go to legal Aid or Child Welfare service's(Or even the Police) and they will get you a Good lawyer.And get away from this bad Family and upbringing.Please do it while you are still young.You can go live with a good Foster Family.I lived with a Foster Family,i never had Contact with my Family.And i was fine with it.i hated my Dad.My mom never cared about me.My Brother's never had contact with me while in Foster care.Please do it.Once you do will never regret it.Trust me.

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