Family foursome?

So me and My friend are both married and we share a house (bills and rent become much cheaper). We have been best friends for 6 years now and our wives don't really know each other. My wife is a little larger with big and round b****, but his wife is much cutter and has the better ass. We both want to convince our wives to try a foursome between each other. It isn't going to be super hard, but they don't just want s**. What is a smart way we can convince them for this amazing foursome?

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  • Drinking at an "adult bar"

  • Doesn't sound promising. However, you might try s******* your wife in an area of the house where they will see you. Let them watch. Maybe you can eventually have same-room s**, if not a swap or foursome.

  • It depends how stubborn the wives are. If they are successful career-oriented b******, forget it - you married the wrong one(s).

    Otherwise, try convincing her/them first for partner exchange. Talk about it and ask them about their opinions. Tell them that you would like that more than anything and that you love her no matter what. Convince her that you really love her and care for her and that you wouldn't be jealous. Tell her that you want her to enjoy the most and that only then you would be fulfilled. You should be good at reading her body language when taking such conversation.

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