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After I found out that my wife had been cheating with a black man, I kicked her out. But that was three months ago, and now I miss her, and I wish she would come home. I would even allow her to keep dating him. I can't live without her and that body of hers. I was wrong.

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  • What is her name?

  • Learn to fight and get a d*** implant. Stop being a b**ch. Find another girl who's worth keeping.

  • Good grief man. This world has turned men into p******. Move on and get someone that wants to be with YOU. All this wife and girlfriend sharing is just nuts. I hear the term “toxic masculinity” often. Some believe men need to be servant and keep their mouths shut etc. Just by you saying that you want her and would allow another man to f*** her is pathetic. Grow up, put your grown up man pants on and get a woman that appreciates you and no one else.

  • Same thing happened to me when I was dating my girl. It’s bad enough she has one of those curvy bodies and is very attractive. We met at work her in Accounting him in DP.She never mentioned him or anyone for that matter. We were in process of moving in together after almost 8 mos.Our building is huge and out of the blue one day I decided to walk near an area I never walk which was his unit and I turn the corner to see them two chatting. It was easy to see both were flirting both with flirtatious smiles. I quickly turned back and thought nothing of it. Few days later same thing.
    Then I noticed she was leaving my place early every time we were together. One day I decided to go by her place and as it sat in my car wondering what I was doing guess who gets out of his car to knock on her door. Yes it was Jaquan and Linda answered the door and let him in.
    When I confronted her about him she said he was just a friend. She then confessed and said they were having s**.
    She said it was all sexual and she enjoyed him and wanted time off our relationship.
    For 6 mos I went on until one day she decided she was ready to try and come back. She admitted he was very well equipped and he was the most satisfying lover she’s ever had.Yes size matters

  • Cuckoo Boohoo a toys orchestra!

  • Dude get back out in the world and get that mind of yours past her.

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