My Mom is Short Enough to Get Mistaken for a Kid

My Mother is 46 years and I'm 22 years. I'm her son. When we're hanging out together, just us, people think she's my kid. I can understand why. She's 3'8 and has a youthful face, and I'm 5'11 with a normal face in comparison.

When we're out to eat, my mom goes to get drinks and has to show here ID every time. You'd think after the many times she had gone out around town they would remember her face. They just don't even bother. Luckily she orders off the kids menu just fine, never giving it away that she's actually an adult.

My Mom is a teacher, and she teaches a high school math. I took her class when I got into her grade, grade 11. She gets jokes and teases thrown her way within the first week of the class starting untill her students get bored the second week. She made a note to mention to her school to notify that she a midget. Yes. Yes. She doesn't mind the word at all. She'll also except dwarf as well. She got use to those words. No big deal.

I find it funny when she uses people's assumption to get the kids discount at many places, movie theaters, going to the zoo, getting into the public pool, the putt putt course, and trying on kids clothes at the store. Just because she can she wears Disney themed clothing like she still a kid.

I know most people post about embarrassing problems or situations in life, but I'm just bragging about having a really cool mom. She's really calm about her situation. Ask me anything, (AMA). I know you want to.

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  • My mum is the same. Her ** is so tight that it drives me crazy when I ** off up it.

  • Cute story. Nice mom you've got there. She sounds like a nice person.

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