I (m, 56 yo) work as a janitor and work mostly at night in an office. I start at 9 pm and make round around the empty premises, look into unlocked rooms like washrooms etc. The female toilets always attract me and brings in me h**** thoughts. I often get interesting objects in the trash bin. Hair clips, discarded cosmetics, sanitary pads, tampon of various sizes, used condoms, bra with torn straps and lots of used panties. Most common are the soiled panties that I love to sniff and lick at regular basis and m********* wrapping them around my c***. Few times, I have come across used tampons, some fresh others older with bad odor! I look for fresh ones with some blood, slime and still slippery. I smell them, reach a good hard-on, often lick on them and suck for few moments and m*********. Later I push one used into my a***. I leave it inside me for the rest of the night, take some used panties to m********* again when I return home. Feels good!!



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  • Do women really leave panties in the bathroom trash?

  • Yeah, I call bullshit on this too

  • Seriously they do!! I'm not the poster, but I can assure you that I find loads of dirty knickers in the bins in female toilets!! I'd say 60% sucess rate!

  • In my office we have two cleaning women, both in their late 30s. They are lesbian and I once caught them working on each other during coffee break - kissing deep and fondling each others b****. They were taken aback when they saw me and requested me not to tell our boss or to anybody. I made a deal with them that they will allow me to f*** them whenever I or they want! We are all happy now, we f*** almost every night!!

  • You should find a place to mount a mini cam for your enjoyment.

  • I also raid female bathrooms,and I was genuinely surprised at how many dirty panties I find lol.
    Admittedly some seem to have s*** in them,never realised women had this problem so much?!

  • We don't, OP is full of s***

  • Urn, you do! I find so many dirty panties!!

  • Haha, I posted this comment and have just come across it again! I still sniff panties from sanitary bins.
    I will not stop.

  • That's nice, sweetie. Enjoy the flesh-eating virus you'll eventually catch from rubbing your face in things you find in the garbage. I am guessing it will improve your looks :)

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