My younger brother married a girl he met in college. The wedding was weekend-before-last in her hometown. My wife and I packed up the kids and drove 5 hours to attend the rehearsal and the wedding. First night, I met the bride's parents, and found out her mother is a super hot piece of ass in her late 50s. She's way ragged from too much smoking and drinking, but she's still good-looking and still DTF. I flirted with her before and during and after the rehearsal, and then called her the next morning to meet me at our hotel, where I rented a room for the two of us. We banged for almost three hours, and she told me how much she cheats on her husband and showed me how dirty and indecent she is. The wedding reception was being held at that hotel, too, so I managed to double down briefly while the festivities were ongoing, and then convinced her to stay in the room overnight, where I went upstairs to meet her and f*** her twice more while my wife and kids slept in our room. Now, I can't stop thinking about this b****, and she won't stop calling me and telling me how she needs more of me. We have met one more time since the wedding and we've had phone s** many time, but I'm going to have to find a way to meet her there again on a regular basis, or have her meet me here, or I've even thought about renting an apartment mid-way so I can get more of what she's going to keep making available. I have even give serious thought to leaving my wife to get with her full-time. We haven't talked about that, but I am pretty sure she would go for it. This is getting serious. I need more of her and she feels the same.

Jun 21, 2019

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  • Leave your wife, and I can help if you want?

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