Can't stop

When my daughter got married back in June, I was unusually randy the night before the wedding, so after a few drinks at the rehearsal dinner, I solicited one of the young groomsmen to help me out of my predicament. He happily obliged, and we had s** in an empty room at the banquet hall. Next morning, I was still needy, so I called him and we hooked up again. Same in the afternoon. And then again before the wedding that night, and twice more during the reception. It was to have been just a fling (that is, limited), but we were soooooooo good at it, that neither of us can stop now. And neither of us wants to stop. We're at each other all the time now, and we're both worried that his girlfriend and/or my husband will find out about this affair, but apparently neither of us is worried enough to stop. We HAVE to have each other. The s** is wonderful and still improving with each f***, but now the relationship is growing deeper, as well. We don't know where this ends, but we can't stop it.

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  • Sounds like a Recipe for Disaster!

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