A table of guys swapped ** stories about my wife at our wedding

At our wedding 15 years ago my brother in law got in a confrontation with some locals who crashed our wedding. My wife had moved out of the small rural town a few years earlier and had me believe she was a sexual prude who only went to church retreats. Turns out at least three of the guys at the table were drunk and sharing stories comparing my wife's oral exploits and her tightness and one even claimed he got her back door. Unknown to me all these years many of my relatives heard all of it and grabbed my brother in law to get them out of there. I only found out recently when I was out drinking with my cousin and he thought I knew everything. I remembered that my brother in law almost got in a fight but I thought he was just kicking out drunks. I talked to my wife and learned she was very promiscuous and even had bang buddies when she came home from college. She denies ever doing ** but I don't believe her. She flat out refuses for me. I used to want to preserve her "honor" but now I just want to see her in action being the ** she apparently always was. I know that's not healthy but why not?

Feb 3

Next Confession

This is going to be trouble

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