My first gay date...

I've recently have identified myself as being gay. In the past I've had s** with men but never realized that's who I want to be with. This past week I not only ran into a man who I found attractive but someone who I was able to carry conversation with. By the end of our talk we both felt like there was something more. I asked him if he wanted to see each other again and he agreed. My concern is about having s** with him. My last partner basically used me for s** and our relationship wasn't about much else. How do I let him know that we can start seeing each other but I want a boyfriend where s** isn't the main thing we do together. Any advice?

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  • We have gone on two dates since the post. The latest was dinner at my house where had s** and spent the rest of the night together.

  • You must be the sub. You want kissing and cuddling after s**. Just enjoy the being butt f***** and don't push your relationship with him. Let it grow.

    Gay or straight no guy enjoys a clingy partner.

  • I'm not clingy and btw I like getting f***** but also being f*****. Thanks for the advice.

  • I agree with the first fellow. I love my husband but his constant hugging get old at times. We're gay but I wish he was more manly.

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