I caught my dad with another woman

My mom is in a nursing home and when she gets healed up from her surgery she will be back home with our father. I went to see my mom the other day and she is in really great spirits. However she was very concerned about dad being alone without her. She does everything for him. I mean including making all his meals. My dad can't boil water without our mom. She is the greatest wife and mother anyone could have. So I went to check in on dad. I knocked but there was no answer. The car was in the driveway and I was kind of really worried that he didn't answer. So I got the spare key and I let myself in. I called out for him and he didn't answer. I looked about a bit and then I went to their bedroom. I turned the door ** and was shocked to find dad in bed with a woman who lived a few doors down. It was very embarrassing to catch him cheating on mom like this.

He's a grown man so when he went to explain I simply told him that it was none of my business and it was between him and mom. I also told him that I wasn't going to tell her. It would really upset her and again it's none of my business. I don't want her hurt by what has happened. I could tell that dad was deeply remorseful anyway. I think he is now more worried about what I think of him. He wanted to talk about it later after she left. I told him that I realize he has needs just like anyone else. I told him that he has always been a good dad and taken care of us kids along with mom and far be it my place to condemn him. I told him that I will keep it to myself and I was sorry for barging in but I was worried about him. The lady has been making him food and he has been helping her with her needs. Anyway my lips are sealed. I don't think any less of him either.

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Caught my son masturbating and using a **

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