My relationship with my bestfriend

I am a guy and i have a best friend with whom i have a complicated sexual relationship, a few years ago he told me that he liked my ass and wanted to f*** me, i was a little shocked but eventually i gave in and let him f*** me and this has been going on and off for a while now but recently, i texted him and asked him to f*** me but he said he doesn't want to anymore. honestly,my friendship with has turned into l*** because i love the size of his c*** and the way he f**** me make me moan and i have cummed every-time he has f***** me

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  • Interesting situation! You say it's been going on and off "for a while." How long is that? And how often did he f*** you during that time? If it was just him being experimental then there's probably not much you can do. Go find another guy or two to give you what you need.

    If this was an established thing though, like if he was f****** you a couple times a week for a year, he may just be going through a temporary period of disinterest. Does he date girls? Has he had a relationship change?

    My buddy and I occasionally put on lesbian p*** and trade hand jobs if he's h**** and our wives aren't around. He identifies as straight, and I'm openly bi. He knows I want to suck his c***, but that's usually further than he's willing to go. One time recently he did let me suck him. He got a loud, intense o***** and I got to swallow a mouthful of c**! I'm hoping that leads to him getting comfortable enough to use me as head-on-demand. I'd love it if he f***** me like your friend f***** you, but I know that's way, way beyond what he'd be up for.

    Fortunately, the time we spend fooling around doesn't really effect our friendship otherwise. We're just best friends who occasionally get each other off. I hope that your relationship with your friend is more than just s**. I also hope that he decides that he can't stay away from your ass. But don't push too hard, or you risk losing the friendship.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. it has been going on and off for around 10 years. i know that is not believable but i am telling the truth. he even f***** me when his wife was pregnant so i guess that tells me that even he wants to bang me

  • Heard all this before. You opened up your butt and now he don't want it anymore. Glad you men are now on the receiving end of this now. Have fun with it.

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