Their cheating

If u see the signs or suspect something then something is going on her p***y is probably getting wetter around him and there’s why u find her crusty panties all the time now and never before. if ur noticing any other signs their thinking about it or they already doing it behind your back. it’s already over if your noticing signs. welcome to the world we live in now where cheating seems to be in and being faithful and loyal is out.

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  • "They're" not "their".

  • You're right: there is much more cheating going on today. It's because people think marriage is the 21st Century equivalent of going steady.

  • Statistically more women cheat than men do. Polls tell you more men do, but women lie. Women also convince themselves that s** never happened if the man was bad in bed. So if a woman had an affair and it's no good, they tell themselves the affair never happened. When taking a survey they answer no to any affairs, which skews the numbers.

    But also, statistically it's easier for women to cheat, therefore we can conclude that more women cheat than men. Men not only have to find a woman to cheat with, they also have to find a woman who doesn't have a woman bond with the mans spouse. Women need only say yes to have an affair. Men are dogs and typically will f*** any woman, married or not. There is no bond between men like there is women. Statistically it's easier for women to cheat.

  • It's so cute when prepubescent virgins parrot words they hear their drunken daddies mumble. As if OP has ever had a relationship with a conscious and willing human being.

  • What rock do you live under?

  • It may be dried c** from a guy. Check it!!

  • The op 's spelling offends me

  • Why is it that the dumb ones love to type so much? It's not like they learn from their mistakes...

  • Being with someone like you is a mistake, you clown.

  • I know my sister would never cheat on me.

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