I want to marry my car!

Please don't laugh at me. But I think a person should be able to marry whoever or whatever they want. Why should the stupid ass government be able to tell us anything on this subject. I love my Miata! It's like the best little car you can have period. I have even sat in my car and I masturbated all over the steering wheel and dash. I love my car so much. It makes me so happy in ways no person could ever do. I have found a place in the country that I pulled off the road got naked and then jerked off on the hood. It was the best s** I've ever had including man or woman. Nobody should be able to say that I can't marry my Miata. Like some ole fat judge who plays with himself under his robes. Why should he say that I can't become one with my Miata? Anyone else feel the same way about their car? Or am I just strange? I'd like to hear from you either way. Check out a Miata. They are so much fun. I just want to spend all my time with my car. I am planning on buying a house that I can actually drive my Miata into the living room and keep it inside with me. That will be the best. But I want it also to have my last name, Miata Jeffries. That has a wonderful ring to it. Doesn't it?



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  • F****** Y O U! and your stupid ass Miata. It's a G O D dam n girls car. My Stang would eat you alive you stupid ass PrIc K! I have over 800 ponies under the bonnet and that Miata of yours will only see the faint tail lights of my Ford. Yeah an American made muscle machine. So you marry your stupid ass Miata! Your a weirdo. What you gonna do on your honeymoon? Stick your tiny wee little pecker up the exhaust pipe.

  • I want to marry myself cause no one else is as great as me. No man or woman alive can achieve what I have in my head. What say you all your lesser peoples? Yeah just what I thought. You can't.

  • Thank you Donald Trump.

  • Oh no way I'm voting for Biden and his lady . Donald Trump scares me. I'm gay he would probably like to do away with me and my cute little Miata. Although Biden owns a Corvette he probably hates f*** also. He just doesn't remember that due to his Alzheimer's. Lol.

  • Idiot.

  • Probably but you posted here. To me that makes you a moron. Oh s*** he got me to post because of you now that makes me a ?

  • Another idiot. Try English next time. Or sanity.

  • Touched a nerve did I? Oh well you get what you get. Can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. My English is just fine. Why don't you run a long to class now sonny. Was that the bell for your English class I heard?

  • *along

    A little less than "just fine", pumpkin.

  • Yes I think you should be able to marry your car no matter how strange it seems to others. Your right the government should have no say in who or what we marry. I'm glad you found your love. Enjoy!

  • A Miata is a chick car. So, if you're a woman, that means you're a lesbian. And if you're a man, it means you're f****** nuts.

  • Yes I know what they say about Miata's being a chick car. But I love doing HPDE at different tracks. I beat lots of other cars like Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, Porsche, and so on. Yes they all power by me on the straights but they can't hang with me in the corners. I don't care what anyone says. Miata's rule.

  • Snore. Another fundie trying out the tired old "Well, if gays can marry..." routine. Your kind really needs to learn about 1) *intelligent* satire and 2) relevancy. I know, that's asking too much.... pretend God commanded it!

  • Has nothing to do with if gays can marry. I don't care what anyone else does. But I do think the government has no business telling us who we can marry. That includes if a man or woman wants to marry more that one person. So whether it be gender, or how many, or even what. I got to thinking about it when a guy wanted to marry his Mustang and some ole judge said no. The government has no business telling us anything about marriage. That's how I feel. I'm totally serious when I say I want to marry my Miata. F*** you or anyone else who says that I can't. I hope we can challenge this to the highest court and win. Our government should have nothing to say on this subject. Here end of the lesson.

  • Looks like YOUR 'lesson' is to learn how to be laughed at when you make an ass of yourself in the name of Making A Point. Have you learned it yet?

  • Another f***** with a Miata. What is the world coming to?

  • Agree that the gubmint should have no say on it. And I also think that most people would leave this world an even bigger and crazier mess than it already is without the big stupid gubmint. Admittedly this sounds contradictory, but it's more of a case by case thing. If you feel the tearing need to marry your Miata, knock your bad old self out-- I give zero $hits. Just accept the fact that you're going to get anything from mild amusement to full-on freak-outs from other people if you insist on hollering about it. That's other people's right, and it's called freedom, son. Thus endeth THIS lesson. muah :*

  • Well that is fine. You can disagree and I'm ok with it. But I still feel how I do and I'm actually going to hire a lawyer and go from there. But again it should be nobodies business who any of us want to marry. I don't have a problem if someone wants to marry their cat. I'm cool with it.

  • Where did they disagree? Sounds like you have a little carbon monoxide poisoning there, mate :D Can't read too well!

  • Where did they disagree? Sounds like you have a little carbon monoxide poisoning there, mate :D Can't read too well...

  • And I have fuckedupinternetconnectionitis :D

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