I bought some fireworks for the 4 th and me and my girl were going to shoot them off in the backyard. So around 9 pm we set to light them up and shoot em off. I live out in the country on 5 acre of ground and the place is pretty secluded. My girl took off all her clothes and then she grabbed this long clear plastic tube that was about 2- 3 inches around and put it in her p**** after she laid down on the ground. Then she wanted me to put the bottle rockets in the tube so they were hanging just out the end and light them. It was crazy. She told me she's done it before and to light them off. She was so getting off on it. Then she made love to me on the ground after all of them were gone. I must say I enjoyed that part a lot. She is really crazy girl. I just wonder how many other guys she's done this with before me. Makes me wonder.

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  • I asked my wife to get naked and lay down so I could shoot fireworks from her sweet spot. She said no way. I tried my best. I would love to do this with a woman. Or she could shoot fireworks from my ass if she likes.

  • Wish my girlfriend would put on a display like that. Enjoy it man! Just enjoy. I would be banging that Pu ss y all night long.

  • Her puss must be smoking hot bcuz of her all night

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